Our Services: What We Offer!

HALKA GmbH specializes in providing comprehensive refractory solutions across various industries, including metallurgy, cement, power generation, waste incineration, and the chemical and petrochemical sectors. Below are the key areas of our expertise

Refractory Services

We handle all types of refractory work, including manual application, spraying techniques, and casting methods, ensuring precise and durable installations.

Our services include robust anchoring solutions to secure refractory materials effectively.

We manage the complete demolition of old refractory linings and the precise insertion of new ones.

Manufacturing and Materials

We manufacture high-quality refractory components tailored to your specific needs.

We supply and deliver a wide range of refractory materials to ensure you have the right products for your projects.

Maintenance and Support

Our skilled workers provide continuous maintenance services to keep your refractory facilities in optimal condition.

We offer experienced engineers, technicians, and skilled workers, including foremen and refractory bricklayers, to meet project demands and schedules.

Equipment and Technology

Our team, equipped with the latest technology and machinery, ensures the delivery of advanced refractory solutions.

We supply all necessary machine technology, including our own DAT lining device (brickwall kiln straightener).

Our new electrically powered (400V) demolition robot allows for faster, safer, and more environmentally friendly demolition work.

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