What we offer!

The focus areas of our activities are refractory (manual, spraying and casting incl. Anchoring), demolition and insertion works, manufacturing of refractory components, sale and delivery of refractory materials as well as ongoing maintenance work in metallurgy, cement industry, power generation, waste incineration, chemical and petrochemical industry.

With our experienced engineers, technicians, skilled workers and our equipment we are able to offer you complete state-of-the-art refractory facilities.

Through cooperation agreements the HALKA GmbH is able to provide short term other professionals (foremen, refractory bricklayers) according to object size and schedule.

Workings on your refractory facilities we carry out both on lump or object price as well as on an hourly wage basis. We also provide you skilled workers for the continuous maintenance of your refractory facilities.

The entire machine technology is supplied by our company. 

HALKA GmbH guarantees quality, meeting deadlines, on-time delivery, flexibility and cost-effective order processing.

Our company is registered in the Craftsman role of the administrative district of Münster under no. 4071890.

The company is DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 and SCC-P 2011 certified by TÜV Nord. 

We have our own DAT lining device (brickwall kiln straightener).

Recently, we also have an electrically powered (400V) and thus emission-free demolition robot. It also enables us to carry out complex demolition work faster and safer for our customers.