The company HALKA GmbH started its business on 01.04.1994.

We are an international company in the second generation with headquarter in Gelsenkirchen / North Rhine-Westphalia and have currently 55 highly experienced, skilled workers employed. In addition, we are registered as a training company in the craft role.

The managing director was, after a university degree in economics, for 35 years in the refractory field active. From 1979 he worked at “Babcock Sonderbau GmbH”. From 1988 he was responsible in this company as a construction manager for the implementation and maintenance of large refractory plants. In 1994 he founded the “HALKA Feuerungsbau GmbH”. In 1997 he successfully passed the master examination “refractory and chimney construction” at the Chamber of Crafts in Dortmund.

In February 2017, the management and the future of the company HALKA GmbH were handed over to the 2nd generation.