Rolling mills / Forming technology

1994 relining an annealing furnace plant
Foundry Schmiedeberg / Saxony

1997-1999 Repair workings pusher furnace
Preussag Stahl AG, Ilse Castle

1997 new lining LOI band galvanizing plant
Thyssen-Krupp AG, Finnentrop

1997 new lining tempering furnace
Krupp Hoesch Federn AG, Werdohl

1997 burner wall in pusher furnace
Preussag Stahl AG, Salzgitter

Since 1997 Repair workings walking beam furnace, pusher furnaces
Thyssen-Krupp AG Duisburg

Since 1997 repair rotary hearth furnace
Thyssen-Krupp AG, Siegen

Since 1998 repair rotary hearth furnace
Benteler AG, Paderborn

Since 1998 repair tempering furnace
Woeste GmbH, Velbert

1998 new lining tempering and hardening furnace
Krupp Hoesch Woodhead Ltd. Leeds (England)

1998 new ining tempering and hardening furnaces
Rassini, Pietras Negras / Mexico

1999 new lining tempering and hardening furnaces
Celik Manisa, Turkey

1999 new lining pusher furnace
Tata Steel Irony Ltd., Jamshedpur (India)

Since 2000 new lining Rolls annealing furnace, major revision / repair rotary hearth furnaces, hardening-, annealing-, afterheating- and tempering furnaces
Vallourec Mannesmann Tubes, Mülheim / Ruhr

2000 Major repair annealing furnace
Von Roll Röhrenwerk Choindez, Switzerland

2000/2001/2004 repair pusher furnace, annealing hood, walking beam furnace
Thyssen-Krupp AG, Bochum

Since 2001 major repairs, rebuilding of pusher furnaces, walking beam furnaces and soaking pits (ongoing)
Thyssen-Krupp AG, Duisburg

2001 repair walking beam furnace
Stahlwerk Hoesch, Schwerte

2001/2003 repair of 4 forging furnaces, annealing furnace
Thyssen-Krupp AG, Dortmund

Since 2001 repair walking beam furnace
Hoesch Spundwand + Profile GmbH (HSP) Dortmund

2001 repair rotary hearth furnace
Fa. Otto Fuchs, Meinerzhagen

2002 new lining tempering furnaces 3 and 4
Woeste GmbH, Velbert

2002 Repair pusher furnace
Fa. Schmidag, Hagen

2002 Reconstruction 180 ton pusher furnace (exhaust gas ducts, recuperator, chimney)
Badische steel Werke GmbH, Kehl

Since 2003 repair pusher furnaces
Voest Alpine Stahl GmbH, Linz (A)

2003/2005 repair pusher furnace
Siepmann-Werke GmbH, Warstein

2003 Repair hardening and tempering furnaces
Thyssen-Krupp Federnwerke, Hagen

2004 Repair pusher furnace hearth
Trierer Stahlwerke GmbH, Trier

2005/2006 repair annealing hood
ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel GmbH, Gelsenkirchen

2006 repair rotary kiln
Voest Alpine Tubulators GmbH, Kindberg (A)

2006 repair rotary kiln
V & M Düsseldorf-Rath

2006 refractory partial delivery rotary kiln
Voest Alpine Kindberg - Aumuh (A)

2007 Repair workings on the soaking pit
Salzgitter AG, Ilsenburg

2011 Conversion pusher furnace, optimization of energy consumption
Arcelor, Gandrange (FR)

Since 2012, repair workings at the pusher furnace
Badische Stahlwerke, Kehl

Since 2012, repair workings at the pusher furnace
Moselstahlwerk GmbH, Trier