Non-ferrous metallurgy

1995 - 2006 new lining and maintenance rotary kiln, dust chamber, flue
Befesa Metall GmbH Duisburg (zinc recycling)

1996-2004 conversion of four furnaces
Aluminium Essen GmbH (today TRIMET Auminium SE)

2000 Repair melting and annealing furnace
Vereinigte Aluminiumwerke (VAW), Neuss (today Aluminium Norf)

2002 new lining rotary kiln, hot-pressing plant, forehearth, zinc distillation
Ongoing maintenance fine zinc plant
MHD Duisburg

2004 renewal fine zinc column 6 (together with Fa. IMG)
MHD Duisburg

Since 2002 Repair melting cyclone, new lining / major repairs rotary kiln (ongoing)
Harz Metal, Goslar (zinc recycling)

Since 2003 Revision / repair Al-furnaces (ongoing)
Grillo-Werke AG, Duisburg

2003 - 2013 repair, disassembly and refractory delivery rotary kilns, rotary drum kilns, Al-melting furnaces, delivery exhaust ducts
Fa. Karl Konzelmann, Hannover

2004 repair annealing furnace
VAW, Essen (today TRIMET Auminium SE)

2003 - 2006 Repair zinc-smelting furnaces
Metallwerke Dinslaken

2005/2006 disassembly and new lining Al-rotary drum kiln and Al-melting furnace
Metallwerke Bender Rheinland, Krefeld

2005 Repair annealing zinc furnace
Fa. Bridon, Gelsenkirchen

2006 Repair siphon lead smelting furnace
Metaleurop, Nordenham

Since 2007 repair workings, new building aluminum melting furnaces and rotary drum kilns with exhaust ducts and flue (ongoing)
Fa. Trimet, Gelsenkirchen

2007 refractory new lining of an 8 tons aluminum converter
Nova Deba (PL)

2007 partial repair copper drum kiln I and II
BMG Metal- and Recycling GmbH, Arnold Stein (A)

Since 2013 repair and new lining aluminum melting furnaces and covers
Aluminium Norf GmbH, Neuss

Since 2013 repair aluminum melting furnaces
AMAG Austria Metall GmbH, Ranshofen (A)